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Silver Pooja & Gift Items (Pure Silver)
 For Bulk Orders Call For Discounts and Stock Availability 
Click on the images below for close up view

Silver Tulsi Mandap , Turmeric Plant , Kalash (Pure Silver)

    Silver Tulsi Mandap
 with Enamel Leaves

Size - 2" (Sold)
US$ 30     Item:TM-01A

  Silver Tulsi Mandap
 Gold Plated with Enamel Leaves

Size - 2" H
US$ 27     Item:TM-01B

    Silver Tulsi Mandap
Gold Plated with Enamel Leaves

Size1: 3" H  - US$ 88 
    Silver Kalash with Detachable Coconut and Mango Leaves
Size: 2.5"H  x 1.25"dia
  US$ 92    Item:TM-03B
    Silver Turmeric Plant
Gold Plated with Enamel Leaves

Size - 3.5" H
(with detachable Leaves)
US$ 125     Item:TM-04A

  Silver small Kalash
Size - 1.25" H - US$ 43
Size - 1.5" H - US$ 57


 Silver Ganesha Cone with Grass
Size - 3.25" H
US$ 27    Item:TM-06



Silver Rice, Grass, Betel Leaf, Coconut and more (Pure Silver)


Silver Thambulam/Pooja Set 

Mini Betel Leaves with nut, Bananas and Coconut 
US$ 50 Set       Item:SV10C

  Silver Rice
(21 in a pack)
Big Grains US$ 18/pack Item:SV8A

  Silver Coconut
Size: 1"  
 US$ 18
Item: SV9

  Silver Mini Grass Bunch
Size: 1.5"H
 US$ 34/Pack  Item:SV13A

  Silver Tulsi Leaf Branch
(5 leaves)
Size: 1"H
 US$ 8      Item:SV14B

Silver Payasam/Kheer
 in Bowl

 US$ 65      Item:SV17


Archana Flowers, Bilwa Leaves , Hibiscus and other Silver flowers

 Silver  Archana  Bilwa Leaves 

US$ 12.50 (11 per pack)

US$ 23.50 (21 per pack)
US$ 120(108 per pack)

Item: AF-01

  Silver Archana Lotus Flowers

US$ 9.40 (11 per pack)

US$ 18 (21 per pack)
US$ 92 (108 per pack)

 Item: AF-02A

 Silver Archana Jasmine Flowers Gold Plated 
US$ 9.50 (11 per pack)

US$ 18 (21 per pack)
US$ 90 (108 per pack)
 Item: AF-03B
(out of stock)

 Silver Archana Bilwa Leaves- Gold Plated 
US$ 13.50 (11 per pack)

US$ 25.50 (21 per pack)
US$ 130 (108 per pack)
Item: AF-05
(out of stock)


Silver Archana Jasmine Flowers

US$ 9 (11 per pack)

US$ 17 (21 per pack)
US$ 88 (108 per pack)

  Item: AF-06A

 Silver Archana Jasmine Flowers Gold Plated (small)
US$ 9 (11 per pack)

US$ 16 (21 per pack)
US$ 80 (108 per pack)
 Item: AF-08A

Silver Hibiscus Flower
Size : 1.25" x 1" dia
 US$ 5 each   Item: AF-07B
(out of stock)
Silver Hibiscus Flower
Gold Plated

Size : 2" x 1.5" dia
 US$ 10 each   Item: AF-9A
(out of stock)
Silver Hibiscus Flower
Gold Plated

Size : 2.5" x 2" dia
 US$ 22 each   Item: AF-10A 
Silver Gold Plated Mango Coins with Lakshmi & Lotus Imprint
Size : 1.5cm x 1cm
 US$ 1.60/each  
US$ 17.60
(11 per pack)

US$ 33.60 (21 per pack)
Item: AF-15

Silver Gold Plated Oval Coins with Lakshmi & Lotus Imprint
Size : 1.5cm x 1cm
 US$ 2.40/each
US$ 26.40
(11 per pack)

US$ 50.40 (21 per pack)
  Item: AF-16



Pure Silver Plate
   Plate Size
8" Dia

  US $490 (
Sale Price US$ 400Item: SV101

Pure Silver Tumbler
   Tumbler Size 3.25" H x 3" dia

  US $165 (
Sale Price US$ 140)
Item: SV102


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